16 September 2013
The 100EUrban solutions exhibition: publications available

More than three weeks before OPEN DAYS you can already browse through two of the publications dedicated to the exhibition route 100EUrban solutions. Have a look at the "Exhibition of good practices in sustainable urban development" brochure and discover all the practical details to plan your visits to the different venues of the exhibition (map included).

Furthermore, take a minute to discover the 33 projects that will be featured on the 5th floor of the CoR building. Printed copies will be available during the event and in PDF format on the Publications section of the OPEN DAYS website. A new website on the outdoor exhibition (Place Jean Rey) will soon be online too.


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Opening session of the Master Class on Cohesion Policy

OPEN DAYS' Master Class, a series of seminars for students and researchers in the field of regional and urban policy, will launch on Tuesday 8th October with a lecture and debate which will tackle the following topics:

  • EU cohesion policy's perspectives for 2014-2020
  • Longer-term trends going beyond 2020 in the light of current academic debates in regional and urban development studies.
  • Where are the new opportunities in a changing global economy? Are there new spatial concentration forces?
  • What is the new role of different levels of government in delivering recovery and the 2020 strategy?
  • What has changed in terms of territory, space and politics since 2008 and what does it mean for the future of EU cohesion policy?

Register here, by searching for the code 08E01.

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Local events during the week 16-22 September

Over 50 local events will take place during this busy week. Many of them are part the framework of the European Cooperation Day (21 September 2013) and of the European Mobility week. Check our interactive map for more details about local event in your country, region or city.


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The European Cooperation Day's kick-off meeting

This year's European Cooperation Day was opened by MEPs Marie-Thérèse Sanchez-Schmid and Jan Olbrycht, at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France. Additionally, EU Commissioner for Regional Policy, Johannes Hahn, sent a video-message highlighting the added value of territorial cooperation and announcing his participation in a Twitter chat on 19 September 2013, as part of the European Cooperation Day initiative.


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Energy-efficiency workshops at OPEN DAYS

Several key workshops at OPEN DAYS this year will tackle different aspects of energy efficiency:

Energy research and innovation, source of benefits for your region (code 08B02) will demonstrate how energy research & innovation can bring real benefits to European regions, by sharing good examples and best practices from Spain and Germany and presenting practical aspects of the use of structural funds for energy research projects.

Challenges of energy data collection in setting up Sustainable Energy Action Plans (code 08C01) is a workshop which is part of the MANERGY project (CENTRAL EUROPE programme), which aims to reduce GHG emissions and embed the exploitation of renewable energy sources into regional planning processes, mostly by setting up Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs). The workshop therefore highlights the importance of supporting quality data collection, ensuring that SEAPs will be realizable.

How energy efficient will Croatia's growth be? (code 09C12) The aim of this workshop is to present Croatia's efforts and plan in terms of energy efficiency focusing on EU 2020 Strategy and its climate and energy standards (20% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020; 20% increase in the share of renewables; 20% improvement in energy efficiency).

Click here and search for the relevant event code to register.

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Associated Event: Towards a European Model of a Sustainable City

A conference organised by the Reference Framework for European Sustainable Cities will feature high-level speakers, including EU Commissioner for Regional Policy Johannes Hahn, and will offer practical solutions for advancing integrated urban development at the local level, as well as encouraging an exchange of experience between European cities working with the RFSC toolkit.

Participants will have a chance to learn

  • Learn how the RFSC is being used to stimulate dialogue and development on the local level
  • Find out more about training and networking opportunities available to interested cities
  • Foster new partnerships with forward-thinking experts and practitioners
  • Discuss the role of local and regional actors in the EU 2014-2020 perspective.

To register, visit the RFSC website.

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